Document Review in a Minute or Two

What if you could provide 24/7 advice to your most important clients? 


Without stopping what you're doing?

Without hiring 10 more lawyers?  

Without billing untold hours?

Now you can...

LegalSifter allows you to combine your knowledge with its AI to provide "at-call" recommendations on your client's documents. 

The technology is here...

Are you ready?


Combined Intelligence:

A New Standard of Care

Clients are demanding faster response times and lower fixed rates for specialised advice.

The pressure to meet client's expectations competes with a lawyers professional obligations to deliver legal services competently, diligently and as promptly as reasonably possible. 

Using technology, you will be able to discharge both their professional and commercial obligations without conflict.


LegalSifter Preview

LegalSifter Preview

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"Robot lawyers won't take our jobs...Your humanness can't be replaced by machines."
"Use of AI tools and other new technology in legal practice is ethically appropriate and eventually may be required in order for a lawyer to discharge her duty of competence ..."

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