Are you responsible for reviewing NDAs & EULAs in your organisation?

Quickly review ELUAs & NDAs to identify missing or onerous clauses

If you are responsible for reviewing and signing EULAs & NDAs on behalf of your company, you understand how tedious they can be.  You don’t hire a lawyer because lawyers :

  • are too expensive,

  • take too long

  • don't understand the business or reason for needing to sign the contract


so you take the risk, review it yourself and hope for the best.


What if you could make sure that:

  • any contract you sign doesn't put your Company in jeopardy

  • you don't agree to onerous or bad commitments

  • you avoid the “pitfalls” 

  • you do the job better, more efficiently, without engaging lawyers 

  • you save money for the Company

LegalSifter simplifies & reduces the cost for reviewing of contracts using artificial intelligence, combined with help text from experienced lawyers, to:

  • increase the speed of day-to-day contract reviews

  • free up experienced individuals to deliver more strategic value to the business

  • increase accuracy and quality while driving down costs. 

With the help of LegalSifter, a review of your important document happens in a minute or two. & LegalSifter have created an online service combining powerful artificial intelligence technology that

  • "sifts" contracts for legal issues

  • provides "help text" advice from commercial lawyers

helps guide your negotiations.

You are in control, we just make the whole process faster, more consistent, and a whole lot cheaper than what you have done in the past.

How Does it Work?

Legal sifter how works-web.png
Available 24 hours a day 365 days a year

What are the benefits?

Speed - Contract review in a minute or two

  • Individuals can be 30% faster.

  • People can do more with the same amount of time.

  • Buy/sell cycles are reduced, realising benefits and revenues earlier.

Value - Release your people's potential

  • Work can be reallocated to less experienced individuals - enabling non-lawyers.

  • Experienced individuals' time is released to deliver more strategic value.

  • Empowers individuals with more rewarding work.


Quality - Combined intelligence - A new standard of care

  • In trials, accuracy can be equal to or better than human lawyers on BAU contracts.

  • Help text ensures a consistent quality of in-context advice, which can be adapted to match your internal policies and will reinforce your playbooks.

  • Bundled, on-hand advice from specialist human lawyers provides greater reassurance and resolves questions.


Find out more

To find out more or to request a demo or meeting, please contact Charles Lattuca.

Charles Lattuca