Eliya.ai was founded by Peter Fazio, Lawyer & Charles Lattuca, Software Developer.

Working towards changing the legal profession from the inside, Peter & Charles have positioned Eliya.ai to partner with incredible companies to bring the latest in LegalTech to "re-tool" the legal profession helping it adapt to the 21st century.


Our partnerships include some great technology companies:



Premonition AI





Peter Fazio

Founder & CEO

Charles Lattuca

Founder & Chair

Lorena Crisante

Head of Advertising

Peter studied law with the Legal Practitioners Admission Board which is recognised for its practical, professional orientation and flexible means of entry to the legal profession. He worked with several legal firms in the Sydney metropolitan area and gained legal experience in property law, commercial leasing, family law, civil litigation, wills & estates matters. He is currently: 


* Managing director of Lighthouse Law Group - Solicitors in Five Dock, NSW
* Director of Growth & Partnership in Australia for LegalSifter

* Director of Premonition, Australia

Charles has a number of years experience in


Business Consultancy & Analysis and Business Process Improvement:

Analysis and consultation with the objective of discovering business requirements, processes and workflows that can be streamlined or improved.


Solution Strategy development and implementation: 

Operations Management;

Lorena has a number of years' experience in establishing new businesses and promoting them to their relevant markets.

Having established such diverse businesses as:

* Lighthouse Consulting which provided consulting to the Social Welfare field

Nomad Nesting Interiors Tours - package tours geared towards the discerning home interiors buyers sprinkled with luxury and relaxation in the paradise of Bali


*  Earth Kids - Partying with Nature.  Organising parties for little ones to nurture their love for nature,